West End Medical Centre

West End Medical Centre was set up by Hillary and Stewart Wilson. Hillary had been in practice for 18 years when she opened West End Medical Centre on Maunu Road. A number of years ago they relocated to their present location, a little further down the road to 84 Maunu Road.

2013 was a year of changes, Dr Moira Chamberlain and Iain Watkins bought the business from Hillary and Stewart. Moira used to work at West End Medical prior to the purchase and was worried the family friendly, warm atmosphere would not survive if it was to be sold to a corporate organisation.

Meet Moira and Iain

Moira grew up in Whangarei and joined West End Medical Centre in 2011. Thanks to Dr Kirsten Cameron who worked with Hillary and is still part of the team, Moira got involved with the practice. Before she started working in the practice, she was an ED MOSS at Whangarei Hospital. Following her time at Whangarei Hospital A&E she became the Kaupapa Maori Medical Advisor to Kia Ora Ngatiwai in Kamo. She also has a Paediatrics Diploma and can perform minor surgery.

Iain is from Auckland and has been living in Whangarei for over 20 years. He is a psychologist and his first job in the community was at Whangarei Hospital. His career path took him to a management position at the hospital, working as Group Manager of Mental Health and Clinical Support Services. Before purchasing West End Medical Centre with Moira and working as manager full time, he went into private practice.

Meet the team

Their current team consists of 6 doctors and 3 nurses.

Moira ChamberlainVarying days
Kirsten CameronMon/Thurs
Angela WongTues/Fri
Ian BirchTwo days per week
Basil HashmiMon/Tues/Wed/Thursday/Fri am
Runa MistryMon/Tues/Wed/Thursday/Fri

The Nurses at West End Medical Centre play a very important role in the services offered to you. West End Medical Centre has developed ‘Nurse Led Clinics’ where nurses operate under Standing Orders and the supervision of the Doctors. This ensures that you are able to continue to access timely and affordable appointments for conditions that are covered by standing orders.

Helen GoverTues/ Wed/Thurs/Fri
Andrea RemnantMon/Tues/Wed/Thus
Shara DakinMon/Tues/Wed/Fri
Julie WilliamsMon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri
Sara PhillipsMon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

Enjoy the friendly warm atmosphere and the high standards of care from our team. A comfortable waiting room with toys for the kids has been set up in the cottage which was the original farm house of the Maunu area cattle farm.