Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes

We are pleased to announce that West End Medical Centre is amongst the first 4 selected practices offering a new medical service called Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes. West End Medical Centre has been involved with the roll out of Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes since July. This is an exciting new initiative that will take our services to […]

Fees change for December 1st

From December 1st children 13 years old and under will be free. Prior to December 1st this free service was only available to those 12 and under. This includes prescription fees.

Another change  in fees is for patient who have a Community Service Card (CSC). From December 1st those that have a valid CSC will now be charged $18.50 for an ACC visit and their dependants will be charged $12.50. The normal charge of $25 will apply to patients who do not have a CSC. It may be worthwhile exploring whether you are entitled for a CSC as this can led to substantial savings. You may be eligible even if you are working. If you have any question our receptionist will be pleased to help you.

You may be able to get a card if you’re            your yearly income

                                                                                  (before tax) is

single – living with others                                        $26,042

single – living alone                                                   $27,637

Married, civil union or de facto                                $41,327

couple – no children

Family of 2                                                                 $48,797

Family of 3                                                                 $59,093

Family of 4                                                                 $67,282

Family of 5                                                                  $75,302

Family of 6                                                                  $84,265

*for families of more than six, the limit goes up another $7,898 for each extra person

Dr Cameron returning for limited time.

Dr Cameron is returning early from her parental leave for a limited time to help with the shortage of Dr’s (see below item). She will be working two mornings per week (Tuesday and Wednesday) for the rest of November and the first two weeks of December. She will then be off till February (days and times to be announced in late January). A big thanks to Dr Cameron.


Over the month of November and the first week of December we will have three doctors off on maternity leave. This means that most days we will only have one doctor on deck. Please bare with us over this time as there will be eminence pressure on appointments. Dr Barns will be away for the next five weeks and Dr’s Wong and Cameron will be returning in April and June respectively. We are looking forward to have a full complement of doctors half way through next year and we will at that time be able open our books again. Thank you for your support and patience.