We are pleased to announce that West End Medical Centre is amongst the first 4 selected practices offering a new medical service called Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes. West End Medical Centre has been involved with the roll out of Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes since July. This is an exciting new initiative that will take our services to […]

Dr Barns away for 3 months

Dr Matthew Barns will be away in the UK from July 11th until early October. He must return to the UK and work for 3 months to maintain his GP registration. Dr Barns patients will be covered by our other GP’s.

Flu Vaccines are no longer available

We have been informed that there are no more flu vaccines available in New Zealand and there will be no restocking of the vaccine. We have used all of the vaccines available to us so will be unable to provide vaccines to those that still require it.

Lab Results

Due to the high volume of laboratory results received by the practice, please be advised that we will only contact you if your results are ABNORMAL.

We will not contact you if your results are NORMAL.

Consider enrolling in ManageMyHealth so you can look up your results online, also you can make appointments, check recalls, see your daily record or request repeat prescriptions. For more information ask at Reception.

Measles Advice for those outside Canterbury

Infants aged under 15 months

  • Infants living outside of Canterbury are recommended to receive their MMR vaccination at 15 months of age as per the Immunisation Schedule.

Children aged between 15 months and 4 years

  • Pre-school aged children living outside of Canterbury should receive their normal MMR vaccinations as per the Immunisation Schedule.

Click here for more information for children aged 12 months to under 5 years.

Older children, teenagers and adults aged under 29 years

  • In the short term vaccine supplies are limited. Vaccinators are recommended to prioritise those who do not have any documented measles-containing vaccine doses when aged 12 months or older and administer one catch-up MMR vaccination. This is because after one measles-containing vaccine (measles only, measles-rubella only or MMR vaccines) 90–95 people in 100 are protected from measles. The second MMR vaccine dose is to make sure the 5–10% who are still susceptible to measles have a second opportunity to become protected.
  • The second MMR catch-up dose is recommended to be administered once MMR vaccine demand returns to normal (and a minimum of 4 weeks after the first MMR dose).

Adults aged between 29 and 50 years

  • Adults in this age group are expected to have received at least one measles-containing vaccination. However, if the person does not have any documented measles-containing vaccine doses when aged 12 months or older the vaccinator can administer one catch-up MMR vaccination.
  • Subsequent MMR catch-up doses are recommended to be administered once MMR vaccine demand returns to normal (and a minimum of 4 weeks after the first MMR dose).

Click here for more information about children at primary, intermediate or high school, and adults born in 1969 or later.

Adults aged 50 years or older (born before 1969)

  • Adults born in New Zealand prior to 1969 are considered to be immune to measles as there was no measles containing vaccine until 1969 and the disease is so highly infectious. MMR vaccination is not generally indicated for adults born in New Zealand prior to 1969.
  • Adults born overseas prior to 1969 may have received a measles-containing vaccination. If you are unsure whether an individual is likely to be susceptible to measles, please call us on 0800 IMMUNE (0800 466 863).